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     The 2011 release of “Running & Chasing”, the latest album by The Tom Edwards Band out of Clinton, Mississippi, has hit the ground running.  What began as a broken down, acoustic based 3 or 4 song “Tom Edwards” EP to give to close friends and supporters of the ministry, has turned into a full length, full production album by the Tom Edwards Band.  Every song has been either written or arranged by the band, making this the first project the band has collaborated on as a whole.

     ”As we got into the process of writing & recording, we started realizing there seemed to be a common thread through all the songs”, says Tom Edwards, the leader & founder of the group.  “We are aware of God’s relentless pursuit of us and sometimes we are running into his arms, but so often we are running away. All the while He is chasing hard after us, not from obligation, but because He so loves to rescue us. This idea of ‘running and chasing’, which is the Gospel story, seemed to be that thread so we chose that as the title.”      For the band, this Gospel is the center of everything they do.  Whether they’re in a concert setting or leading worship for a church event, their desire is to present the truth of the Gospel & invite the audience to join them in celebrating it.

     The history of the band is fuzzy to say the least.  In part because of all the facial hair. But mainly because there was no exact moment of formation – the process has been gradual and somewhat accidental. Tom has been leading worship for over 15 years and has picked up various musicians here and there along the way to accompany him. As the years passed, all the pieces slowly fell into place as if they were being pulled together by some unspoken force. The source of this magnetic attraction can be attested to one of two factors: beards and the name ‘Josh’.  The group now consists of Tom Edwards, Charley Tynes, Josh Myers, Josh Williams & Josh Rosonet.

     In 2007, “The Things I Would Be” was released.  This was a full length recording featuring favorite songs such as “I Love The Way”, “Your Glory” & “Redeemed”.  In an effort to showcase the bands ever evolving sound, in 2008 they released the “Songs We Didn’t Write But We Play Them a Lot and Everybody Asks If We Have Them On a CD and We Got Tired Of Having To Say ‘No’, So We Recorded Them and Now If You Ask If We Have Them On a CD We Can Smile With Confidence and Say, ‘Yes.  Yes We Do’” EP.  The band feels that the title explains itself. 

     As you listen to the songs of these two earlier works, you can hear the way their hearts have been changing & moving closer to the heart of God.  Where “The Things I Would Be” seemed to focus on repentance, the “Songs We Didn’t Write…” EP was a direct response to this theme in how they were resting fully in the unconditional redeeming love of the Father.  And now, with “Running & Chasing” they are obviously  moving forward in a celebration & proclamation of the Gospel.

     The guys in the band consider it an honor and a joy to be able to bring others along in this journey with them.  As they head into this next chapter of their ministry they are experiencing a renewed vision and a drive to see God change the world around them as they seek to run hard after wherever He leads them.  

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